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The Magic of Sedation Dentistry

Oral health is perhaps one of the most commonly ignored and suffered aspects of many individual's overall health and wellness. It's just so natural for many people to overlook their dental problems until it becomes intolerable. Whether you're a kid or a grandfather, almost everybody hates going to the dentist. For many, this resistance may be out of fear of the "heavy medical machinery" or the potential for pain after or during a treatment that has often been associated with dentists. However, today's Irvine cosmetic dentist has changed the definition of dental check-ups with the magical solution of Sedation Dentistry.

Thanks to Dr. Rice and his team of highly skilled dental surgeons'; oral care is no more a painful or anxious ordeal. This team of Irvine dentists has developed new painless and more comfortable dental treatments for a full range of ailments. Sedation dentistry eliminates the fear and worry of seeing the dentist. Using this method to treat patients, a patient first must secure a driver and helper that will carefully take him or her to the dentist at the appointed hour and then return them home.

Typically, for patients that wish to experience sedation dentistry the competent Irvine cosmetic dentist will provide them with medicine that works to relax and relieve sensations of anxiety and fearfulness. Your drowsy state makes the treatment much easier to handle and then regain alertness without too much recovery time. This way you will have no stressful memories of the oral treatment. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of undergoing sedation dentistry. One must undergo a consultation, a few medical tests, and the approval of an Irvine cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Scott L Rice, the owner of Rice Dentistry, is not only an Irvine dentist, but also an internationally-renowned dental surgeon and a member of the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation. He always warmly welcomes his patients to the world of beautiful smiles. Here a confused and afraid patient can first pay for a counseling visit before finalizing their treatment path. Most often, these consultations are provided as free services.

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