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How to Pick up Any Girl You Put Your Eyes on - Hit The Bull"s Eye Every Single Time

What if you could pick up almost any girl you lay your eyes on? No matter how good looking, rich or confident she might look you would still be able to pick her up.
And yes this also applies to average Joe's out there with nothing special to offer.
Now you might be thinking how can this be done? Read on to find out some of the best ways to pick up almost any girl you put your eyes on.
Initial sign- Most girls are looking for the best among the lot but this does not matter you have to look the best.
You only have to mentally be the best.
The very first thing you need to do is to capture her attention.
One of the best ways to capture anyone's attention is to share a smile with them and that's all you need to do.
She might look at you once but not look at you again at all depending on the initial sign she gets from you.
Therefore learn to smile a bit every time she looks at you and make it a point to make her notice that you are smiling at her.
This way she would give you occasional stares to see if you are still smiling or not.
This way you managed to get her attention and she is trying to wonder why you are smiling? She might smile back ninety nine percent of the time but if she does not she would still give you occasional stares.
Control approach anxiety- The main question is do you already have it? Remember there is nothing to be nervous about as you are approaching a human being and she is probably going through the same emotions as you are at that very moment.
So the next step is to approach her in a nice friendly way.
Get her attention and leave her begging- This is the final step you need to be careful with.
Once you get the initial sign and approach her it's very important to talk about something or a topic which would grab her attention immediately and she would be very active in listening to you.
But once you feel she is getting in the conversation this is the perfect time to make an early exit.
Remember once you leave her in the midst of an interesting conversation she would most probably be looking to talk to you again and you might land up with a date eventually.

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