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Can I Learn to Speed Read?

Speed reading is not just about reading fast.
Speed reading is all about training your eyes to capture words faster and training your brain to process the information effectively.
Speed reading is a self-fulfilling skill that anyone can develop at any stage in their life.
Whether you are 6 years old or 60 years young you can do it.
What it takes to become a speed reader is a positive mental attitude that you can do it and a commitment to practicing the techniques of speed reading until you achieve a measurable level of competency.
The first thing you need to do in order to learn the techniques of speed reading is to understand how the brain perceives and processes written information.
The way in which the brain perceives information is called - synergy and the way the brain processes information is called - synthesis.
The interesting thing is that when information is given to the brain to process in a slow manner your brain actually shuts down.
A good analogy of this is to try and imagine that you are driving a very fast sports car on an empty road at 10 mph.
You know what I am talking about.
A sports car driven at 10 mph on an empty road can be an absolute torture.
You just want to hurl down the road at the fastest speed your sports car can achieve.
This is similar to speed reading.
You may be surprise to note that when you read information at a fast speed you actually comprehend the information much more effectively than when you read slowly.
So now the main question is: how can I learn to speed read? Here's how: There are several techniques that you can use to help you develop speed reading.
The easiest and the most efficient method is called the 'sweep' technique.
All you got to do is that when you are reading an article or document, cup your finger and let your focus on the middle finger.
Then glide your fingers along the page and synchronize your eye movement with your finger.
Initially when you do this you might find it a bit clumsy and irritating, but do persevere.
When you make a concerted effort to use you fingers to glide across and down the page with your eye following, you will find that it becomes easier for you to concentrate on what you are reading.
Here's the thing, you eyes follow movement.
Therefore when you glide or sweep your fingers across the article that you are reading you will slowly train your eyes to capture words faster and comprehend what you are reading better.
Another technique is a variation of the 'sweep' technique.
This is called the 'hop' technique.
Here what you got to do is to try to capture a few words in a single glance.
The human eyes is capable of what is known as a peripheral vision.
This is when you can see a few words in a single glance.
Most of us can see at least three to six words in a single glance.
What you should do is to use your cupped fingers and focus on a few words and then jump to the next chunk of words.
Again like the earlier technique, initially you feel this to be irritating and sometimes absolutely frustrating.
But with a bit of effort you will train your eyes to perceive the information more efficiently and train your brain to process this information effectively.
Learning to speed reading is a very self-fulfilling activity.
You will find that you can go through more and more materials at a faster pace and develop a high sense of reading confidence.
Most important is to ensure that you take it easy with this process as you can't develop the ability to speed read overnight.

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