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How Do You Acquire an Entrepreneur"s Mindset?

There are those who believe that an entrepreneur, like they say of a salesman, is "born and not made".
Is this true? There are certainly quite a number who are convinced that you can train someone to be an entrepreneur.
Take Tian Jing University for example; the university has recently started a program to create entrepreneurs; not without a lot of controversy though.
In the US, the Kauffman Foundation, created by Ewing Kauffman in the mid-sixties, has trained generations of entrepreneurs successfully.
Today, many tertiary institutions are involved with entrepreneur training.
It is almost certain that a country's economic progress could never happen without a sufficient number of entrepreneurs.
These are people who are prepared to risk starting new enterprises whether they are prepared or not.
Of the millions of enterprises created in the last hundred years, a small number became conglomerates and household names.
Amazingly, the rest, often described as small and medium enterprises provides for eighty per cent of employment.
It is thus clear that we need people with the entrepreneur's mindset to keep our economic progress going.
But how we do we get people to get entrepreneurial or acquire an entrepreneur's mindset? Do we wait for 'born entrepreneurs' to come forward and then do their thing? Can we allow chance to rise by itself and risk not having new enterprises to be formed? The answer probably lies in understanding how an entrepreneurial mindset comes about and in what circumstance it would arise.
There are, indeed, two categories of people who would start enterprises; those who are born risk takers and those forced by circumstances to start new businesses.
For both, entrepreneurial training can be quite useful in providing frameworks that assist new enterprises to reduce the high risk of failures in start-ups.
Secondly, as enterprises invariably emerge from the entrepreneurial phase to the managerial one, business owners must understand enough of the knowledge and skills involved in making an enterprise works.
Whether you are a natural risk taker or not having the correct mindset is critical to the success of an enterprise.
After all an enterprise is an entity driven by human ingenuity and being related to human endeavors is subject to how the leadership thinks.
There is denying that how we think affects how we would act; incorrect or weak thinking results in wrong decisions; for an enterprise this can be fatal.
From here one can surmise that acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset has much to do with being aware of what you are attempting to do and why.
Besides being aware of the motivation behind your risk taking, it's also important to realize that a plan providing the direction, focus and process is essential for your enterprise to work.
This is where most of the training in entrepreneurship is focused; to provide a correct mental paradigm for would-be entrepreneurs to start right.
In today's world, the opportunities for learning to be an entrepreneur are much greater because of the internet.
Moreover, starting an enterprise is made less risky because the need for a large initial outlay is eliminated Also the lessons for beginning an Internet Marketing business are made easier by successful practitioners.
Further more, much of the resources, mostly information, required are in the internet itself.
The author's website in the resource box would provide a lead to a program which helps one to acquire an entrepreneur's mindset and start an internet marketing business.
Wishing you every success in a new enterprise! Louis Lim

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