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The Clash of Civilizations or The Clash of Ignorance?

At the Davos World Conference a few speakers spoke about the clash of civilizations that we hear about in the media.
The clash of civilizations; Islam versus the Western world or Muslim versus Christian.
Is there really such a clash of world civilizations or has this been a contrived controversy of chaos by mass media hysteria in order to insight men against their global neighbor.
And what is this fight really about? Are Christians and Muslims really fighting over religion or are some on both sides of the ring merely fighting over misunderstanding and therefore it is a clash of ignorance.
The answer to ignorance is education, dialogue and exchange of information.
The answer is knowledge, experience and actual observation of cultures other than your own.
The answer is looking in your own mirror and understanding that the clash is one of ignorance and only in your mind.
Should humans fight wars over ignorance and destroy another's civilization only out of misunderstanding? Is either side of political and cultural divide merely fighting the evil and straw men of the other side?Are wars simply food for the human spirit and an activity that gives them purpose and provides the sound and fury they seek for entertainment? These clashes of ignorance must end and humans must band together in a common cause.
I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought.
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