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How to Recognize and Treat Aspiration Pneumonia in Dogs

    • 1). Examine your dog for symptoms of aspiration pneumonia. Dogs that experience this condition may become lethargic, cough and appear depressed. They may also not be able to tolerate exercise.

    • 2). Because this condition can be life-threatening, immediate medical attention is needed. Contact your vet, and then transport your dog to the animal hospital. Stay calm while transporting your dog to keep him relaxed.

    • 3). Create a treatment plan for your canine. Once the vet has run blood tests and taken X-rays, he will make a diagnosis. Dogs with this condition should be put on bed rest with limited activity. Your vet may need to clean out excess secretions to provide more ease for breathing.

    • 4). Consider surgery for more severe cases. Although it's uncommon, sometimes surgery is necessary. This procedure will remove the foreign bodies that are causing the condition.

    • 5). Administer medications as prescribed by your vet. Depending on your dog’s situation, your canine may need antibiotics. Administer as directed even if your dog appears to be feeling better. Not doing so can cause your dog to have a serious relapse.

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