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Understanding the Stun Gun in Depth

No doubt parents are the well-wishers of their children.
They not only get their children admitted in a good school for their mental development but also send them to gym to help them to be strong physically.
Besides this they take care of their spiritual growth.
They also fulfil their materialistic needs.
In spite of sacrificing their own desires and comforts for the sake of children parents are not valued and respected enough.
Actually the reasons are deep-rooted and can be understood if parents have wide-thinking pattern.
Rigid attitude of parents just increase the problem in spite of decreasing it.
So read the followings to find out the root of the problem and solutions: 1.
TOO MUCH INTERFERING Most of the parents think because they are more experienced so they have the right to interfere in child's all activities like studying, playing, working, enjoying etc.
Parents forget that besides their experiences child's own experiences are also needed for his all round development.
This habit of parents keeps the child away from.
COMPARING More than half of the parents are in the grip of this fatal tendency.
Parents want their child to be ahead.
And in the passion they compare him to other children.
In the beginning the child keeps quite but soon starts developing angry feeling towards his parents.
NEGATIVE FOCUSING In most of the cases the parents focus on what their child can't do in spite of concentrating on what he is capable of doing.
It makes a child feel inferior, and somewhere he holds his parents responsible for it.
BULLYING In order to make the child disciplined parents, though unintentionally, present themselves like villains in front of their child.
They impose so hard and fast rules on child that the child gradually develops hatred towards parents.
The same handling pattern of parents continues even if the child grows up.
If parents want to get respect as well as love of their child from this very moment they must start giving their child appropriate freedom, appreciation, friendly behaviour and a patient hearing.
Be sure if these solutions are applied sincerely and patience fully a better relationship will definitely develop between parents and their child.

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