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Understanding the Stun Gun in Depth

Especially in times of economic crisis and uncertainty like the present, people can get desperate.
They sometimes act out by behaving violently towards others.
As technology progressed, so did defense weapons.
The stun gun was created to be exactly that: a tool used to help defend a victim from its assailants.
Although a it is scientifically simple in its function, it can still cause irreparable damage to a subject without forewarning, including fatal damage.
A stunning device sends electrical current through the human body by accessing communication channels in order to deliver specific messages to various parts of the body.
As a result of such a simple function, there are multiple variations of stun technology available to the public.
Such varieties are standard products, Taser guns, and liquid stun guns to name a few.
As with any variation of a product, each has their advantages and disadvantages.
Standard stunning devices work best at close ranges and produce a constant flow of electricity, a Taser gun works well at far distances and is one-time use, and the liquid type can fire multiple pulses of electric shock via liquid "bullets" on multiple targets.
The overall purpose of these weapons is to temporarily subdue a person.
And the science behind such a process is rather simple: sending electrical signals into the attacker's nervous system causing it to temporarily short circuit, incapacitating the subject.
It is important to note that these devices are intended for self-defense and restraint purposes and are increasing in usage.
However, it can be improperly used and controversy may cultivate from surrounding circumstances.
The controversy lies within the situational circumstances that are usually misinterpreted or misunderstood resulting in a faulty opinion of stun guns - that the effect(s) are undesirable, unanticipated results and is meant to attack people rather than protect innocent victims.
Unfortunately, the stunning devices resulted in horrific side effects, complications, and even death at times.
As a result of the sudden injection of electrical current to the body, it causes the nervous system to shut down either temporarily or permanently.
But, this type of side effect is reliant upon whether or not the subject had a pre-existing condition(s) or not.
The majority of deaths caused by these weapons is due to a pre-existing medical condition.
In addition to this, the frequent misuse and abuse of the stun gun provides similar results.
The varying number of situations in which stun guns are misused is increasing.
For example, in Wisconsin, teenagers have been found using them on other 13-yr old students for recreational purposes.
In Orange County, California, police officers have been indicted for using them on restrained suspects without probable cause, resulting in increased limitations on their use.
In addition, the U.
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that police must have reasonable grounds for using a stun gun device on civilians after a Coronado, California police officer used a Taser gun on a civilian after pulling them over for a traffic violation.
In any event, the stun gun is an effective, but dangerous tool in deflecting assailants.
However, it is at the discretion of the person using the stun gun to properly assess a situation prior to execution of such a weapon.
Similar to that of more conventional weapons and firearms, if something horribly wrong were to transpire after execution, the stun gunman is held liable for any adverse effects, provided the underlying situation did not reasonably require the use of the weapon.
In such situations, the stun gunman is held liable for damages to the subject in various forms.
In any event, the these weapons should be used with extreme caution and should not be taken lightly.
The possible side effects of the use of a stun gun vary from person to person, making such utilization a gamble.
As such, a they should only be used on an as-needed, high intensity, imminently dangerous basis only.
The abuse of such devices is highly frowned upon and may result in penalties including fines and jail time, if so deemed proper.
Therefore, it is recommended that these items be used in dire situations.
Nonetheless, they are a great alternative to conventional weapons and firearms which have a higher probability of causing irreparable harm to a subject, and in several cases death.
To avoid such situations, training and research are required to mitigate the potential misuse of an electroshock weapon.
But despite the current negative media coverage of stun gun use, these weapons have been created to protect a person for a purpose: to deter an assailant whom one believes is an imminent danger to their person.
With the proper tools including training and education, the stun gun is highly effective.
If you are interested in purchasing such an item, for the sake of public well-being please make sure to go to a credible source for training.
Otherwise, you may be doing more harm to others than you may think.

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