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Tips on Dating Your Ex

    Hashing Out Problems

    • If you want your relationship to work this time, you need to be up front about the problems you had the first time around. You should apologize for any errors that you made and do your best to not make the same mistakes. Throughout the new relationship, it's important to communicate well, especially when you aren't feeling happy.

    Being OK Alone

    • Before you go back to dating an ex, it's important that you have learned to enjoy being single. If you start a relationship with your ex simply because you don't like being alone, you're not coming from the right place and your relationship may fail again.

    Starting Anew

    • When you get together with an ex, you should make a pledge to each other to start anew. Put past mistakes behind you and don't bring them up again during arguments. For example, if your ex cheated on you, but regrets that, you shouldn't try to use that against him any time you fight.

    Changing Routines

    • It's easy to fall into the same routines that you had when you were a couple--dinner and a movie on a Friday, sex on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the old routines could lead to the old problems again. Instead, look for ways that you can do things differently. Try new restaurants or activities together, for example.

    When People Talk

    • You won't be able to avoid it--people are going to talk about you getting back together with your ex and some of them might not like it. You may have friends pulling you aside to tell you that you're making a mistake. If you're sure that you are doing what you should be doing, hear them out, then respectfully disagree.

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