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Scampi are large prawns with claws, and actually bring clawed lobsters to mind, though they're more lightly built. They're common in the western Mediterranean, especially in the Adriatic Sea, and are also common in some European sections of the Atlantic; in England they're called Dublin Bay Prawns.

If you have very fresh, or better even live scampi, you can prepare them as you might a lobster:

Scampi on Ice, or Scampi al Ghiaccio

To serve 4:
2 1/4 pounds (1 k) very fresh or live scampi
Kosher salt
A serving dish filled with crushed ice

Set a pot to boil, and when it begins to bubble salt it liberally.

Drop the scampi into the pot, cook them for 2-3 minutes, and transfer them to the serving dish. Serve them at once, either as is or with lemon wedges if you prefer.

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