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The Dentist Search: The Quest for a Bright Smile

I really enjoyed this book.
The book was written by someone involved at the corporate level with the franchise Great Harvest Bread.
The owners of Great Harvest Bread believe in what they call a freedom franchise.
They believe in business owners only working 40 hours per week, taking vacations, and just plain enjoying life.
The book, chapter by chapter, details how the franchise was formed, how many of the individual stores have achieved success and how you most certainly can be a business owner, enjoy life and still have money to live off of.
The owners believe in creating a lifestyle versus creating a business.
The author goes into a lot of detail about the philosophy of living life alongside owning the franchise.
Community is a strong part of this franchise.
All business owners are expected to meet with, talk to and share with other business owners.
One of the trademarks of this franchise is to give out free samples of bread in each of their shops.
The author also tells stories of both himself and other employees and how their lives were changed for the better by working with this company and being a part of the philosophies taught by the company.
Often times when reading a book, it's easy to skip sentences and still absorb the main points on that page.
With this book I read each and every sentence, not wanting to miss any thoughts conveyed by the author.
This truly is a must read for anyone wishing to start a business or purchase a franchise.

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