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How to Paint Ceiling Murals With Clouds

    • 1). Paint the ceiling a solid light blue, using a paint sprayer, roller or brush. Allow the ceiling to dry.

    • 2). Sketch out your clouds on the ceiling, using a pencil. Decide on their shapes and dimensions and whether you want them to be dark and brooding, light and fluffy or thin and wispy.

    • 3). Mix white paint with faux glaze, using one part white paint and between one and four parts faux glaze. The more faux glaze you use, the more transparent, shimmery and insubstantial the paint will look. If you are planning on painting dark clouds, mix in some black or gray paint to get a darker look.

    • 4). Dip a sea sponge in your mixed paint and lightly blot it on a clean rag to remove any excess paint. Dab the sea sponge repeatedly on the wall to create cloud shapes.

    • 5). Add white paint to your mixture, or create a new mix with less black paint if you're painting darker clouds. Paint light paint over the darker paint, using the sea sponge, to show the highlights of your cloud.

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