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The Oceanic Current

The Oceanic Current

The warrior was no longer prepared to play with the waves.

He went deep in to the sea to get life's essence.

Searching for peace and bliss he was dragged in the oceanic current.

Gaining more powers he moved with courage and confidence.

He was not fond of petty thoughts and was always aspiring to go high.

Being dragged by the current he was merged in the main stream of life.

Surcharged with divine wind he was refreshed with his brain,body and mind.

He was sure of fulfilling his hopes and dreams.

Experiencing the current in his brain,body and mind he was advancing.

All his agonies,sorrows,grief and despairs were disappearing.

He was merged in pure silence and was experiencing divine thinking.

With all powers and strength he was overcoming the adverse winds.

Knowledge and wisdom overpowered his entire life.

He forgot all his short comings since his childhood.

He looked to his life with divine eyes.

Every thing inside and outside of him seemed luminous and bright.

He had caught hold of the oceanic current.

He had no fear and was enjoying every moment.

Working with perfection and beauty he was getting life's essence.

Feeling the most powerful current within he was merged in beautiful mental processes.

Moving with the speed of the current he was feeling vibrant and dynamic.

The current was giving him divine grace and bliss.

It was taking him faster on the path of life.

He was feeling within an ageless body and timeless mind.

Always dealing with the worldly miseries he was tired and bored.

Applying his intelligence he dived deep in to the mental ocean with zeal and vigor.

Becoming a part of the oceanic current he was merged with all cheers.

Life seemed to be a beautiful flower removing his states of stupor.

The current of life was divine and shining.

Grasping the divine he was feeling infinite powers within.

With those powers beautifully he was planning to fulfill his hopes and dreams.

Remaining away from all actions and reactions he was enjoying a smooth swim.

Purity and perfection were dominating his brain,body and mind.

The current was always keeping him sound and divine.

It was entering in to each cell of his body giving him all motivation from inside.

Becoming greatly motivated he was loving his life.

Moving faster with all perfection and beauty he was realizing the divine within.

Seeing Him inside him in all happiness he was merging.

Amidst intense activity he was remaining calm and serene.

Loving the current he was grasping the powers of the divine.

There was no more fear by the powers of a divine mind.

Conquering the worldly miseries he was experiencing the divine wind.

With many secrets of work and life the wind was blowing.

Learning many things from the wind with courage and confidence he was moving.

Since he was merged in the oceanic current he learned all the secrets.

He could perform all the tasks in a better manner getting beautiful essence.

Doing all the works with perfection life seemed to be a success.

He could achieve all the desired things and was merged in happiness.

The current within made his life vibrant and luminous.

He could gain all the treasures of the mental ocean remaing at the bottom.

Becoming one with the current he felt the divine kingdom.

All the time he experienced in his mind a sweet dawn.

He could serve well his organization,family and society feeling an extra ordinary silence.

Slowly and steadily he moved on the path of life getting all the universal essence.

Nature all the time helped him showing her beauty and pouring her grace.

Achieving all success within a short time he gained absolute freedom,peace and happiness.

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