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Article Writing Tips - Should You Use Spell and Grammar Check?

Many article writers prefer to do their own spelling and grammar checks even though most word processing packages come with them built in.
The question is whether or not this is a good idea.
Unless you have a major in English and understand all the ins and outs of grammar, it may be a better idea to use your word processor's spell and grammar check instead.
The following are reasons why this is a good idea: * When you are producing many articles in one day, at the end of the work, you are getting tired and may miss errors that you would normally fix.
A tired mind does not see as well as a fresh one and if you have spelling and grammar check on, the program does notice these errors and can allow you the chance to correct them.
* If you continuously submit poorly written articles to clients you find that you are soon out of work.
You may think you have it all down, but this is not always the case.
It is much better to be safe than sorry and to get all the help that you need by using these macros in your writing.
Not everyone who writes has a good grasp on sentence structure or on spelling.
They may be able to write phenomenal articles but cannot get the basics down.
Using spell and grammar check is a great way to make sure that the content is good, well written and free from errors.
It's essential that you take the time to edit properly and use spelling and grammar check features to be sure what you're publishing is up to par.

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