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How To Sexually Attract Women - What You Think You Know Is Wrong!

So many guys out there believe that just because they don't have the looks of Brad Pitt or the wealth of Bill Gates, they can't sexually attract women.
That is completely untrue; in fact, even if your not as good looking as the average Joe you can STILL attract women sexually, you just have to have a good strategy.
First off, stop believing that you can't and start believing you can, because if you try hard enough, you can get any girl that you want.
In this modern age, many women are tired of men approaching them and blatantly showing that they are looking to get into their pants.
If you can separate yourself from those men, then you will get what they are all trying to get: sex.
It may sound somewhat strange, but instead of making it obvious that you want to take a woman to bed, try making it seem as if you are simply trying to make a friend.
Next time you spot an attractive girl, approach her with confidence, but don't stare up and down her body.
Instead of doing what most guys do, just look her in the eyes while you are walking up to her and as soon as you begin a conversation with her, keep steady eye contact whenever she is speaking to you.
If you do this, she will know that you are actually listening to what she has to say, unlike the majority of the men that have approached her in the past.
Also, when you are looking her in the eyes and not wandering down to her chest, she will respect you.
Now, simply doing that isn't going to make her sexually attracted to her, now you will need to make slight references to sex in a mature way.
Once you get her thinking about it, she will be all about you and believe me, you will know it.

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