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How to Operate an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is a marketing method that has been in effect for quite some time.
But it works to varying degrees of effectiveness because few people know how to operate an effective direct mail campaign.
The first thing to do is to consider your audience and then direct your mailing only to those who fit your audience.
You want concentrate on honest prospects that are most likely to buy your product or service.
Carefully decide whom your product or service will most appeal to.
Think of your audience as one person.
Create a profile of that person.
Then develop a plan to reach that person and persuade him or her to purchase your product or service.
Items that make an effective direct mail campaign Effective mail marketing campaigns include three very specific items: an envelope people want to open, a message that focuses on the recipient and a clear call to action.
The envelope.
The envelope should be attractive.
A font that looks handwritten is more successful than a font that looks typed.
Make sure that the envelope promises something appealing inside.
A postcard can often accomplish this just as well, so long as you can effectively communicate your message in the space allotted.
And a postcard has the added advantage of being easy to keep and carry.
The message.
Your message should focus on the benefits to the recipient.
Avoid expounding on how great your product is.
Rather, make sure the recipient understands that he or she will receive the main benefit of the product.
Call to action.
Know before developing the mailing what action you want the recipient to take.
Then clearly articulate it.
"Call today to find out how (weight loss pill) can help you melt the fat away," is a good example.
Make sure you provide the means (phone number, website postage-paid mail back card) for the recipient to follow the call to action.
Improving your direct mail campaign An effective direct mail campaign includes improvements.
Rarely will you get phenomenal results on your first attempt.
Part of operating a successful campaign includes testing.
You want to be able to measure your success, and you want to track your results.
Follow up.
Figure out what works and keep it.
Get rid of or change what isn't working.
You can test opening lines, postcards v.
letters, envelope designs, benefits to emphasize and even test your mailing list.
Send out different versions, distinguishable to you, and see which elements test best.
This can take some fine tuning, but you will find as you progress, the results improve.
Incorporate other elements into your direct mail campaign Don't rely solely on "snail mail.
" Many of the tips for paper mail can also apply to e-mail.
In today's technologically advanced world, some audiences prefer e-mail.
You can add e-mail to your direct mail campaign, supplementing.
Other elements to include could be a phone call follow up and including a website on the mailing, directing the recipient to the Internet for more information.
A good follow up plan that incorporates other elements can bolster the response rate from your direct mailings.

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