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Fall Art Ideas for Children


    • Before you begin a fall art project think about what kinds of materials you want to work with. Gather paints and colored construction paper in the colors of autumn: red, orange, yellow, and brown. You might even want to go on a nature walk with your child to collect things to use for your crafts. Some things to look for are colored leaves, twigs, grass, and acorns. Small pumpkins, squash and apples can also be used for crafts. Glue, scissors, tape, string, a hole punch, and markers or crayons will also come in handy.

    Fall Art Ideas

    • There are many things you can make with the fall materials you have collected. Use the leaves and grass from your walk, with crayons, to make rubbings for pictures or Thanksgiving place mats. The items collected on your nature walk can also be used to make collages, or glued onto a wreath-shaped paper to make an autumn wreath. You can also make a cute wreath by tracing your child's hand on different fall colors of construction paper, cutting them out and arranging and gluing them in a circle.

      Cut the colored paper into leaf shapes and let the children drizzle or splash paint on it with a brush. Then fold it in half and open for interesting fall-leaf designs. Hang the leaves around the house individually or find a medium-sized branch and attach them to it. You can hang the leaves by making a hole with a hole punch and carefully looping string or yarn through it.

      Cut apples, squash, and small pumpkins in half, dip them in paint and use them as stamps on construction paper. Take out the seeds and save them for your nature collages. Pumpkins, apples, and squash can be painted and used as table centerpieces for Thanksgiving.

      Whatever fall crafts you decide to do, be inspired by the colors and events of fall and have fun spending time with your child.

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