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Best ACL Knee Brace - 5 Signs to Look For in a Quality Support! - Special Report

5 Rules for Finding A Quality ACL Knee Brace (Affordable) When you want to help protect your knees, then it is time to start thinking seriously about a quality knee brace.
"Being careful" does not always cut it.
Too many accidents can happen and the use of a well designed knee brace can be a great help! Here are 5 Signs To Look For: 1.
) A Low Profile Design What good is a knee brace if you do not want to wear it? Many people will look at some of the knee braces on the internet and think, "Gosh, that thing really looks kind of heavy!", or " I won't wear that, it is too bulky".
We hear you! - Lightweight and low profile designs exist and you do not have to be held down by a brace you don't like because it is too heavy or big for you.
) Tall Vs.
Short No matter if you are a tall or shorter person, you should still be able to go online and find a brace that will provide you with the proper support.
This is accomplished by the use of the braces "lever arm".
In plain english, the "lever arm" is the part of the brace that extends above and below your knee, that will help limit the destructive movements.
Some brace manufacturers have up to 7 sizes and 3 different lengths for people who are taller than others.
- This is crucial when a man or a woman is looking for support, because we all know that men and women are built differently.
) Mild to Severe ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL Instability Protection Many times people will hurt more than just their ACL when an incident occurs.
The bottom line is that you want to trust your brace.
- It has to protect your knee, and if it does not make you feel more confident then forget it! If you have ligament instability problems, such as the ones listed above, you will find a high quality knee brace that will address them in a "CI" version.
(CI = Combined Instabilities.
) Many "CI" versions of knee braces are good to help you address an injury that is more complex.
) Custom Fit Not everyone's thigh, knee, and lower leg are shaped the same.
You already know that to be true.
The point is that many high quality knee braces will have moldable cuffs that allow a better fit.
The "cuffs" are the part of the brace that holds on to your thigh and lower leg.
This is ability to mold the "cuffs" is great for those of us that might be a little bit bigger at the thigh and a little bit thin at the calf.
) Flexion & Extension Stops This is really significant! Many injuries happen as a result of excessive movements.
Not only that, many people stay injured because they are not protecting themselves after an injury.
A well designed ACL Brace can incorporate flexion and extension stops that will help you avoid the hyperextension or excessive flexion that may aggravate your current injury.

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