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Things to See on Your Holidays in Uganda

Uganda is a country in East Africa and is bordered by Kenya on the east, Sudan on north, Democratic Republic of Congo on the west and Tanzania on the south.
It is also known as the Pearl of Africa.
The country is a popular tourist destination for lovers of Africa.
There are some places here where the visitors would love to spend their time.
Murchison Falls National Park is a park of Uganda where there are a lot of hippos and birds.
There are also many chimpanzees and tourists like to trek into the mountains to see them.
Many tourists also come here to fish below the falls.
Lake Mburo National Park is the only park to contain a lake.
It is one of the two parks that has the animal zebra.
Mgahinga national park is the park where gorilla is found and the scenes and sceneries of this park are very attractive.
Kibale Forest National Park is famous for wild chimpanzees.
It has thirteen species of primates.
Rwenzori Mountains National Park is the second highest mountain in Africa and it is going to be exciting for people who love climbing mountains.
Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the oldest national parks containing wild life..
Mount Elgan national park is famous for waterfalls, gorges, hot springs and volcanoes.
Kidepo valley national park is situated in a very remote part of Uganda and it can't be reached without a vehicle.
Jinja is a source from the river Nile and has lots of places of accommodation, for the adventurous kinds you can experience some white water rafting.
There is also an island called the Ssesse Island where people can relax.
The forests and subtropical cultivation and plantation include coffee and tea which is found in the southern part of the country.
The northern part of the country is dry.
There are also some woodland found here.
The sceneries of this place are mind blowing.
The hot springs, mountains, valleys, thick forests, Savanna grasslands adds a glory to its beauty.
There are many lakes found here like Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert which has fresh water.
The land of Uganda is very fertile and well watered.
Among the eighteen plant kingdoms of Africa, seven are represented.
The Gorilla is a very well known animal of Uganda.
Other types of animals found in Uganda are chimpanzees and a wide varieties of monkeys.
There are also other animals found here like hippos, elephants, giraffes and hyenas.
These are some of the popular places to visit in Uganda.
These places will be highly explored by people who are adventurous and fun loving.
Uganda has mainly sunny, hot weather but heavy rains can occur during March and May.
Uganda has a tropical climate.
Regarding the language of Uganda, people mostly speak in English.
Luganda and Swahili are also spoken.

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