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Of Miracles and Magic

Miracles are time framed in their definition.
It can easily be defined as a quickened natural action.
For example, if a disease that could ordinarily have taken two years to heal got healed within two munites, it is regarded as miracle.
Now the question is: what could make the miracle happen in the first instance? What powers in the universe could quicken healing activities to such an extent that it becomes a miracle? Wisecres insist that the power inherent in the human being is responsible.
They insist on the divinity of man,and that man only need to tap the powers within to be able to do this.
They talk of autosuggestion, or hypnotic suggestion whereas it is non of these things.
Even when it is clear that what is involved may be prayers of intercession, they still insist that it is the power inherent in the human being.
In order to be able to understand what is at stake, we should realise that the earth is a meeting point of the good, the bad and the ugly.
The highest being in creation coexists with the lowest of the beings.
For that reason, we have people who absorb the universal radiations that upholds the universe more than others.
And each one is meant to channel these rays in different ways.
Some may have the ability to absorb this in such a way that it enhances their eloquence; others may channel it to research and discovery; others still may become psychic.
And others may become radiation healers.
It does not matter where they find themselves, they still practice their calling.
But the healing itself of an individual depends on how open the recipient is to accept the quickening radiations, for these rays are always there, it only need to be channeled to specific activity by the different abilities of those involved.
Thus a native Indian, an African native priest, a Pastor or a budhist monk may have the same level of radiation healing powers.
But oftentimes the healer involved may be deluded that he can heal because of his own special nature.
These days it is not uncommon for people of low level radiations to use it as a means of increasing their congregation by making so much noise about being a healer.
In that case the best thing to happen to him will be the gradual loss of such powers.
But most still keep up the pretense.
Students of in The Light Of The Grail Message are aware of the different planes of existence that those on earth can come from.
These comprises the seven planes of the paradise of human spirits.
Above that are the seven primordial planes of existence.
It is from the lowest of these primordial spiritual planes that most of the prophets of old come from, for example.
Because of their origin they can absorb and dispense more radiations than the human being.
If a human being can be given the grace of the same radiations, they must be connected with the primordial spiritual in form of a primordial spiritual flame.
This explains the appearance flames on the head of the disciples of Christ during penticost.
Paul of tarsus never needed the flame connection because he was alredy primordial spiritual himself.
It is interesting to note that whenever a primordial being is on earth, his higher ability to absorb the universal radiations draw men towards them, men who tend to deify them.
Examples abound.
Although Siddarta budha was actually a normal human spirit, his grandson, Gautama (both were budhas) was higher..
And krishna was primordial spiritual..
Because of the high level radiations they exhibit, they are usually deified after their death.
Some, like krishna, had to fight a losing battle against deification even when he was alive.
But most of them, even though they had the healing powers, desisted from using it because that was not part of their brief.
Their brief usually involves bringing the message of one God to their people based on thir culture and spiritual maturity.
Today, a new brand of medicine is breaking the frontiers of medicine by acknowledging spirituality.
Termed quantum medicine, it promises to be the medicine of the future.
Part of their brief is the investigation of radiation healing.
It is only laying the foundation for a new system of medicine in trying to extricate it from the realms of magic.

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