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Top 10 Best Hunting Dogs

    Golden Retriever


    • Coonhounds are a breed of American-style hunting dogs that rely upon their keen sense of smell to track down their quarry. They get their name from their ability to follow animals that tend to escape into trees, such as raccoons.

    Basset Hound

    English Springer Spaniel


    • This breed is graceful, athletic and--according to "Gun Dog" magazine--one of the hardest-hunting bird dogs. Pointers are used for finding upland game using a combination of pointing, honoring and, when suitably trained, retrieving.

    English Setter


    • The bloodhound is the largest and most powerful of all the hounds. It was originally bred to hunt wild boar and to track deer. It is famed for its powerful sense of smell, which enables it to follow a scent over great distances.


    Small Munsterlander

    • This multitalented breed is capable of hunting, pointing and retrieving. The dogs bear a likeness to both setters and spaniels, and were originally bred to work with the falconers of noble families. Today they are valued for their athleticism, intelligence and versatility in all parts of the hunt.

    Drentsche Patrijshond

    • These dogs look like bigger-boned versions of small munsterlanders and have a similarly utilitarian past. They are not good long-distance runners but prefer to stay within a range of a few dozen yards. For this reason, drents are usually used to hunt close-in birds such as grouse and pheasant.

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