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Software Engineers and Designers Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is one of the 3 maritime states of the Maple country. This state is also the second smallest state of the country. In terms of the development this region is far from matching the average national GDP of the country, but nevertheless the life is quite a revelation in this area. People gaining entry into this state are bound to grow along the march to progress by the state. Although the economy of this state is dominated by the primary sector and tourism, off late the state government has embarked on an ambitious program of diversifying the economy. Its primary objective is to boost the image of this specific state as a rich economic center. The authorities have launched several programs that aim at providing several benefits and advantages to the companies and individuals willing to enter the state with plans of establishing businesses and creating or transferring the skills to enhance the skills level of available labor in the domestic labor pool.

Experts in the state authorities feel that if the state is to get a sumptuous dose of business expertise and investment ready funds, it is necessary for the authorities to create a healthy labor pool mix so that companies and business oriented individuals joining in would not face any trouble in establishing their business and settling down to boost the local economic scenario. In an effort to achieve the planned objectives, the authorities have resorted to several innovative ways of inviting skilled immigrants at various levels of expertise.

This statement may not surprise you, or raise your curiosity as traditionally all the state sponsorship schemes, i.e. the PNPs have been tagged with several mandatory requirements, like a permanent employment offer from a state based employment giving agency, etc.. But if we say that the new version of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program announced on March, 06, 2014 sans the requirement for a permanent employment offer from a state based employer, it would not only make you very curious, but it would also surely make you stand up on your seat and stare at the skies.

Believe us it has happened and this Canadian state has followed precedents set by other states and has established an ambitious scheme to grant entry to the promising and the willing, skilled workers capable of contributing to the productivity of the state and also filling up the positions lying vacant in the strategic locations. Being sparsely populated, the state has always faced a chronicle labor deficit. In the new state based PNP scheme the authorities have established an elaborate required trades list for the New Year skills migration scheme. The list has been derived from the NOC 2011 version and includes 25 occupations including Software Engineers and Designers.

Software Engineers and Designers Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program

Mandates fulfillment of following selection stipulations including

€ The nominated trade - the trade you are nominating in your application for PNP must be included in listings of National Occupational Classification (NOC) level 0, A, or B. it is also mandatory for that specific trade to be in demand in the state.

€ Clear residence - you should be a national of your country of origin or you should also be legally residing in country of your current residence

€ You should have appropriate financial resources to assist you in settling down in the state

€ You possess adequate educational qualifications for the nominated trade

€ You have a minimum work exposure in the trade, i.e. have a 2 year practice experience in the preceding 5 years.

This scheme will surely be a fast track program.

Software Engineers and Designers Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program is an ambitious program of the state of Nova Scotia. This scheme has been planned and established on lines of other PNPs launched by other Canadian states. To qualify for this scheme, you must satisfy certain mandatory stipulations. This scheme is equipped with a fast track processing procedure.

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