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Offline MLM Versus Online MLM

When we hear about the word MLM today we often picture the presentations, the weekly meetings, the cold-calling and the handing outs of CDs and DVDs to prospects in order to get them to join the MLM business.
In real estate it would be all about location, location, location.
But in the MLM business it's all about prospecting, prospecting, prospecting.
If you can't prospect well enough, there's no way you can succeed in any MLM business.
I don't care whether you have the best product or the best compensation plan in the whole wide world.
If you can't prospect, or learn to prospect, you are going down.
Face it, prospecting is not an easy job.
Not many people are born with the talent to prospect, what more to sell an opportunity? And to be good at prospecting, you have to stretch outside your comfort zone and really do what it takes at least for a month or two before it starts getting comfortable for you.
When you get comfortable, you gain more confidence during prospecting.
When you have more confidence, that's when people start portraying you as a leader.
That is when people will join you as if you were holding a magnet, sucking them into your business because they see you as a person who can help them achieve financial freedom.
The real reason why people quit so easily is because of the many 'No's they hear too often.
Hey, no one likes rejection do they? Hear a lot of 'No's than 'Yes's for a straight few days and your confidence level will drop drastically.
Then you will begin to doubt yourself, saying "I don't really have what it takes to do this, do I?".
Sounds familiar to you? This will then lead to giving up which is practically the most easiest thing to do.
Unlike prospecting on the internet, you will handle rejections better.
This is because you have a system set up where you don't have to meet them face to face.
Let me tell you more about how this system works.
You simply set up a website where you will have your business opportunity offer either in text, audio or video format seen by your visitors.
Main objective is to get them to fill out a form for more details then market to them through emails.
Even if they do not join you their first few months with you, they might even join after a year or two.
Seriously, who knows? When they are in your marketing system you can also sell them other things related to making money on the internet because when they filled in their name and email address, they wanted more information on how to make money online isn't it? Now from the person who's trying to sell them something to the person who's going to help them make money! Amazing isn't it? Also, the costs to have these internet marketing tools and run your online business such as web-hosting, domain names, autoresponders and tracking software doesn't take more than US$100 a month but with the potential to go 5 or 6 figures in 12-24 months.
Now isn't that an irresistible offer?

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