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How Difficult is it to Become a Pickup Artist?

In short: quite.
The reasons are not clear but have to do with lack of proper motivation.
 It seems that as players lack the proper technique to seduce women, they often end up in situations where consecutive rejections block their appetite to continue the ...
sport of pickup.
So, an alternative is necessary in order for things to progress.
The most important alternative seems to be a game known as Fast Flirting.
Fast Flirting is a free game played by pickup artists in Europe that includes missions played with friends in bars and pubs.
Depending of the outcome of those missions the players earn points.
Very quickly, a spirit of play and competition starts to arise and people forget about rejection all together.
This game like atmosphere pushes the wannabe seducers to progress much much faster than ordinary players.
They start to focus on the process instead of the outcome and stress gets out of the way quickly.
The game is free and its rules can be found on different sites on-line.
The alternative of learning how to become a pickup artist is to pay an expensive boot-camp or continue the try and failure effort all by yourself.
I find these two efforts very expensive not only in money but also in time and energy.
The typical process of learning includes practicing for a number of hours.
It is the task of every man to find a way to make sure that these hours will be as fun as possible without losing any of their educational capacity.

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