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Will Skipping Meals Help Me to Consume Less Calories?

Question: Will Skipping Meals Help Me to Consume Less Calories?

If I skip breakfast or lunch, will I lose weight by eating less calories?


If you are trying to cook low calorie foods, it is probably because you are trying to watch your weight. Oftentimes, many dieters begin a weight loss program with a strategy of skipping meals throughout the day to feel as though they are eating less calories overall.

Skipping meals such as breakfast or lunch may seem like a good way to consume less calories throughout the day, but actually the opposite may be true. When you skip breakfast, or even lunch, oftentimes by the next time you are ready to eat, you are so hungry that you will tend to overeat, consuming far more calories than you otherwise would. This is certainly not a healthy or even easy way to lose weight.

The better way to eat a low calorie diet is actually to eat three low calorie meals per day, as well as two to three small and healthy snacks in between to help curb hunger throughout the day! This will help to keep your metabolism moving, and will keep you from overeating when food does become available.

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