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Are You Still a Virgin? A Call for Help Isn"t What You Require

Still a virgin? There's a message going around that those who are still virgins need to call a help line. If you actually call this advertised help line, you'll be on the receiving end of a few laughs, but no real advice. I admit when I called the help line, I laughed, but I also thought about the men out there who really are virgins, especially in later age, and how this advertising campaign must feel to them.

I was a virgin late into my adult life. I wasn't intimate with a woman until I was nearly graduated from college. Most people I meet kiss girls when they're in middle school, and sleep with girls when they're 16 or 17. I grew up shy, a little awkward, and very analytical. I still am an analytical person. So when I saw this billboard aimed at virgins, I felt that if I had seen such an ad in college, I would have felt embarrassed and a little bit paranoid that even the marketing companies knew about my plight.

I'm somebody who learns by example, and I only began to improve with interacting with women once I read on the topic, and practiced what I learned. This happened around the end of college for me. Since then, I feel comfortable around even the most beautiful of women. It's a change in the way I think about hot women, how I think about myself, and it's a result of reading helpful advice from people who knew more than I did.

Nowadays, if I meet a guy who is desperate to meet women, I tell him that he's lucky to live in an internet age. What was once taboo, internet dating, is now widespread, and often you can meet girls who are just as beautiful as in the bars and clubs. It's amazing when you think of the millions of single girls out there, and all that's between you and them is an online dating profile and a few messages.

I wish I used online dating when I was confused with women, because it gives you practice connecting with them, and as a result, makes you more comfortable around women in general.

If you're a virgin and you're uncomfortable about it, there's hope. You just have to find a voice that resonates with you, and a guide that can help you overcome your mental blocks with clarity.

The guide that I send everybody to is worth a read if you need help meeting women online.

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