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Is She Worth Approaching?

It's a funny thing.
When you first see a really hot woman walking towards you, the first thing that goes through your mind is usually, "Man, I'd love to talk to her and take her back to my place ASAP!" But the reality of the situation could be just the reverse.
What if her breath is horrible? What if she has the worst attitude of all time? What if her intelligence level is bordering on being mentally retarded? You can never be too sure that a woman will measure up to your first observations of her unless you open the girl up and find out for yourself.
I have personally found that once I get close up enough to certain women, they actually are not nearly as beautiful as I had initially thought they were.
This can be embarrassing once you start saying something to her and then find out some of her teeth are missing! Hey, it happens.
It just goes to show that you really have no reason to be as nervous as you currently are when you first start your approaches with women, because most of them can never measure up to your high expectations of them anyway! SHE NEEDS TO KNOW YOU AS MUCH AS YOU NEED TO KNOW HER It's always good to let her know a little about you when you first open her, without being totally truthful about where you live, what you do or where you are originally from.
Women love mysterious men who will not give them much information about themselves from the start, but you should lead her into having an intimate conversation with you by telling her something about yourself first.
This will allow her comfort level with you to be raised, because now she sees that you are trying to be "real" with her, not phony.
And it also helps when you relate to her about certain shortcomings on your part, such as being kind of shy when it comes to meeting new women, because she will open up and tell you her shortcomings.
Then you can decide if you can overlook her faults and still consider her sexy enough to get to know her further.
Tell her where you are going or what you will be doing later after you have exchanged names with her.
For instance, telling a girl something like, "I just went to the post office and man, was it packed today!" is showing her that you are active during the day and then she will tell you where she is going.
That opens your next suggestion to her, and you can say, "Sounds like you could use a cup of coffee or a coke.
There's a Starbucks down the street.
I'll meet you there in ten minutes.
" When you say something like this, you are not letting her say no.
If she is a girl worth getting to know better, she will accept your invitation, which will let you really know if she is worth your time.
If she declines, say "Thanks, anyway," and look for a girl who can appreciate who you are.

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