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The new American tea culture places high value on stress reduction (perhaps partially attributable to the relaxing properties of L-Theanine--a natural amino compound occurring in tea), product purityand exotic teaware and otherbrewing accessories (the after-market for tea accoutrements is substantial compared to espresso-based drinks).
Until the boom in Ready To Drink teas (circa 1990-95) made tea drinking simultaneously easy , fashionable with colorful and appealing packaging, and healthy (a no/low calorie, antioxidant-rich alternative to carbonated beverages), tea sales in America were sleepy at best.
Annual retail sales had not reached $1 billion prior to 1990 and tea producers were simply uninspired.
Snapple, Arizona Iced Tea and a handful of other specialty Ready To Drink teas catapulted the entire loose leaf tea category into double-digit growth while whetting appetites on Wall Street.
Increasing interest from America's 76 million baby boomers just beginning to embrace tea as a health-promoting product for the entire family is laying a solid base for loose leaf tea.
This exceptionally health-conscious demographic is starting to explore loose leaf tea culture through brewed tea beverages, tea-based skincare products and neighborhood cafés offering exotic teas.
The consumer product dollars available for loose leaf tea purchases within the U.
over the next decade will be significant This stellar consumer interest in tea is being driven by scientific findings linking tea consumption and improved health and a seemingly endless wave of favorable media coverage.
Novel blendedflavors and convenient packaging may be securing American consumers attracted to loose leaf tea, but news of the health promoting benefits afforded by regular tea consumption is the number one market driver.
Researchers have released survey data indicating heavy frequency consumers of herbal and hot teas spend more on healthy and natural products than the general population or coffee drinkers.
This is yet another indication of the emerging demographic pursuing loose leaf tea within the nation's hottest spot for loose leaf tea sales--natural foods retail outlets.
As the demand for loose lea tea grows, customers will also demand pleasant and wholesome surroundings to better enjoy the tea experience.
The tea room business, as a result, has a very strong growth path and a bright future.

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