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Air-India Express - An Overview Of Indian Flights

Air-India Express is a subsidiary of the popular Air India Airlines. The airline is comparatively low-cost and is secondary to Air India. The airline was founded in Mumbai and was designed to serve passengers traveling to the South East Asiaas well as the Middle East. The airline is currently under the newly formed National Aviation Company of India Limited, which is amalgamation of the two state owned airlines Air India and Indian Airlines.

The airline was founded in the month of May 2004 and kicked off its services on the 29th of April 2005. The initial flight took off fromAbu Dhabi to Thiruvananthapuram. The first aircraft was a fresh Boeing 737-86Q hired from the Boullioun Aviation Services. The airline intends to expand to Europe and The Americas as a new aircraft is going to be added to the fleet.

The airline has been making big profits on almost all the routes. This has urged a lot of other companies to jump the ship and join this indian airline in its endeavors too.

In the month of February in the year 2007, the Indian Government decided to mergethe Indian Airlines with this indian airline. In 2007, the DGCA and the Ministry of Civil Aviation of India formally announced the amalgamation of both the airlines. This was seen as a major move by the industry experts.

The fresh company fashioned and shaped together is now being operated under the name of "Air India". Also the new airline now serves both international as well as national destinations. The services provided by the airlines have been designed to meet the basic needs as well as requirements of the passengers. Special stress has been put on to not make the passengers feel uncomfortable at all.

This express airline is now a holding company. It has an active staff of over 19,000 workers who work for the company. The airline has an annual turn-over, which is well above Rs.4000 crore. This amount goes up to close to 1 billion U.S Dollars. The airline now takes care of a large number of passengers looking for cheap flights to Middle East and South East Asia.

One sign that is found on each and every indian airline flight is a dissimilar tail drawing. The design of the drawing reveals or actually point towards a certain aspect of Indian traditions, legacy as well as the cultural aspects of the Indian society.

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