Family & Relationships Conflict

Everyone Needs a Little Harassment

In coastal China the people are fond of a small eel they catch in the open ocean.
Because they're so small, it takes a lot of the eels to fill the boat and the fishermen have to stay at sea a long time to make the trip pay.
The eels have to be brought back alive because they spoil quickly once they're dead.
So, the fishermen catch ch'o fish and throw them in the tanks with the eels.
The ch'o fish are vicious and they like to eat eels.
Throwing a few ch'o fish in the well keeps the eels lively (and alive!) until they reach shore and can be sold in peak condition.
I wonder if you have a ch'o fish keeping you company at home.
And if you do, I wonder if you're sufficiently grateful for the constant aggravation they bring you.
Do you think you'd be happier if your ch'o fish left you in peace? Well, maybe, but there are some people who, like the eels, don't do so well with peace.
They get lazy and complacent.
Or, maybe they get restless and have to stir up trouble for someone else.
Ever feel like someone is forever jerking your chain, pushing your buttons and rubbing you the wrong way? If so, you're probably married.
Or maybe you just have kids.
Or, perhaps you're really lucky and have both a spouse and kids.
You're surrounded by ch'o fish.
You should live a long life with many aggravations.
So, the next time your loved one gives you a hard time, let them know you appreciate it by fighting back.
That way, they'll realize you're still alive after all.
Show some emotion.
Take a position and be somebody.
And demand the same from them.
That's really living!

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