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Ideas for Dried Flowers

    • Make potpourri from fragrant dried flower blossoms.Yagi Studio/Photodisc/Getty Images

      Gardens come to life when flowers are in bloom. If cut at their prime or when slightly immature, flowers can be preserved and used in home decorating and craft projects. Flowering plants provide a renewable resource of craft material. The harvesting of the flowers typically promotes new growth and more flowers. Drying methods include air-drying, pressing, submerging in desiccants, oven drying and freeze-drying.

    Potpourri Sachets

    • Some flower blossoms are especially fragrant, such as rose petals and lavender, and are ideal for making potpourri sachets. The simplest way to prepare flowers for these projects is to hang a bouquet of freshly cut flowers upside down, in a warm, dry, dark area for several weeks, until thoroughly dry. Prepare decorative fabric pouches to stuff with the fragrant, dry flower petals. When finished, tuck a potpourri sachet into a linen closet or clothing drawer, to sweeten the air.

    Flower Picture

    • Artfully arranging dried flowers to create a framed picture preserves the flowers for years. While most drying methods will work in this project, pressed flowers will be a bit easier to manage, as with other methods you will need to flatten the dried flowers during the process, which can cause additional breakage. Use a picture frame and create the floral picture on the piece of cardboard, which would normally back the photograph. After disassembling the frame for the project, add padding covered by fabric over the cardboard picture backing, as the canvas for your floral picture. When putting the frame back together and covering with glass, it needs to be snug fitting, to hold the flowers in place. Adding the right amount of fabric and padding will create the necessary tight fit. You won't be able to reassemble the frame if you add too much.

    Bookmarks and Cards

    • Decorate both bookmarks and greeting cards with pressed dried flowers. Use wax paper to create a transparent covering for the flowers. Do this by arranging dried pressed flowers between two sheets of waxed paper and pressing with a warm iron. This melts the wax on the paper, and seals the two sheets together. Leave a little breathing room around the flowers, when laying them on the wax paper, to make it easier for the two sheets to grip each other. To improve the sticking power of the sheets, sprinkle some wax shavings (taken from a white candle) between the sheets before pressing with the iron. Use the finished product as a covering for a greeting card or in making bookmarks.

    Craft Project

    • Decorate craft projects by adding dried flowers. This would include projects such as birdhouses, wreaths, floral arrangements, scrapbook pages, hats, hair ornaments, altered books, dollhouses and more. Use a craft adhesive or a hot glue gun to hold the flowers in place.

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