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If you are new to caravanning, want to return to caravanning or think "there's no way I am getting a caravan" then read on...
Caravans have come a long way over the years, and if your memories of touring caravans are cold draughty damp things, you should really take a look at the latest models.
Also, if your memories of campsites are of wet damp fields with cold smelly toilet blocks, you should have a look at today's campsite/caravan parks, you will be surprised.
So what is different in caravans today? The easy answer is a great deal, but if you still aren't convinced, pop along to your local dealer and have a look.
That's what I did a few months ago and have never looked back.
As a comfortable base for other adventure and outdoor activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, walking and just about anything else, the modern caravan is a great place to stay.
If you choose your sites carefully (I would always opt for the Caravan Club sites without a bar/club particularly if you have a young family in tow!) you can be assured of high spec, clean facilities in some great locations.
A caravan today comes with: (some of the items below are sold as extra's) mains and battery power Dual gas/electric blown air or wet system heating Double glazing Electric showers Full oven and hob Fridge or fridge/freezer Microwave CD Radio External gas point Pumped water Electric flush toilets Door and window flyscreens Sliding sunroofs Alarms T.
V aerial And much more.
Modern caravanners have a whole host of additional items for their caravans including: Satellite TV Caravan movers (essential if you opt for a big caravan in my opinion) The list goes on! Suffice it say, the modern caravan is well equipped and a home from home.
The modern caravanner can now tour all year in excellent comfort.
Modern caravans are constructed to high levels of quality and thermal insulation so no more cold nights.
A comment made recently by someone viewing the inside of a modern touring caravan was that you wouldn't get this level of comfort and luxury staying in many of the UK's leading brand hotels (he mentioned the brand but I can't afford the legal costs!).
So we have established our living area is comfatable but what about those cold toilet blocks and wet fields.
Well the wet fields, come with camping I am afraid to say but on many campsites/caravan parks there are alternatives with hard standing areas and the like, and of course, some campsites have invested heavily in land drainage.
But most of the time it's sunny, so what the heck! Campsite facilities have improved no end, there are still those campsites with cold and draughty shower and toilet blocks but the majority are well built heated affairs.
Some even have baths and piped music and if you have youngsters a lot of sites have specific facilities for toddlers and babies.
Pitch types have also changed with the introduction of super pitches, that have electric, water and TV point plus direct waste connections but you wouldn't want that much luxury would you?You could have stayed at home, right? That is the beauty of caravanning and motor caravanning, you can choose to go on a field somewhere with little or no facilities or you can choose to go on to a campsite with full entertainments and high quality facilities.
Likewise the caravan or motor home you choose can be basic or luxury depending upon your budget and preference.
You end up visiting places you would never have gone to because it is so easy.
Whatever you choose I know you will enjoy it..
and before long you will be touring Europe with your caravan or motorhome and this opens up another world of holidaying in the great outdoors.

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