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3 Techniques to Get Your Ex to Pay Attention to You Again

When you realize that the person who was once your partner is now your ex-partner that day is one that really sucks.
That one day then becomes a bad couple of days, then bad weeks, and won't seem to stop.
You're faced with two choices, you can either get over them and try to move or you can get their interest back in you.
It's actually easier to make them interested in you again so I'll help you out with a few techniques to do just that.
Technique 1: You need to stay fit, attractive, and in shape.
Break ups and extra pounds seem to go hand and hand(ice cream fix?) so you need to work to keep that extra weight off since a lot of people stop caring about how they look after a break up.
You need to look as hot and as attractive as possible if you want to get back with your ex.
This is for two reasons: Reason 1.
This is kind of an obvious thing.
It's important to look good and attractive.
Reason 2.
Looking good will make others notice you as well.
Jealousy is a powerful thing and few things are as strong as that when your ex seeing other people noticing you too.
Technique 2: You've got to get out of the house and off of your couch.
This is never a good idea.
Get out and live life a little.
Keep your social life in good standing as well and if your ex sees or hears about you out having fun with your friends it should get their attention.
Technique 3: This is perhaps the harshest of them all, but if you broke up there was definitely a reason for it happening.
You need to figure out what it was that you did or didn't do that caused the relationship to end.
Once you figure out what wen wrong take the steps needed to fix it.
You'll just end up repeating these same things if you get back together and find yourself right where you are now a little further down the road.
It's a tough journey but one I'm sure you can take.
You're going to have to change parts of yourself to stop from repeating what happened the first time, lots of dedication, but with your heart put into this you can make yourself attractive to your ex once more and reel them in.
There aren't any shortcuts, whatever you may think, and when you get your second chance strive harder than ever to make it work and keep your ex with you.

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