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Why Your Business Needs Web Video Marketing

Build Your Brand Plain and simple, video is the most engaging content available creating a multi sensory experience for the viewer.
No other advertising medium can trigger an emotional response the way video can.
As a result, this makes the greatest impact on your prospects and customers.
Video is also the most effective ways to get your face, voice and brand all over the Internet positioning you as a leader and an expert in your field.
When people see you, you become real and this humanizes the experience differentiating you from your competitors by putting a face/voice on your business.
Viewers also get to know you through your videos and if they like and trust you, they will want to do business with you.
If you are truly sincere in your desire to help others, your videos will convert like wildfire and unlike traditional forms of advertising your web videos have no expiration date! What this means is that your videos are out there working for you 24/7, educating your prospects about your product or service even while you sleep.
Web Video is a Growing Mega-Trend I have three words for you, YouTube, YouTube and YouTube.
Why does YouTube matter in social media marketing? -Over 2 BILLION video views per day (double the prime-time audience of all 3 major US broadcast networks combined) -Every minute of the day, 24 hours of video content is uploaded to the platform.
-YouTube is also the fastest growing search engine currently ranked #2 in the world only behind Google.
-People go there to look for videos to answer their questions, show them how to do something, or review a product or business.
-YouTube has become more than just a place to park your videos.
As a social network, it is a place to build an audience where people subscribe to your channel and come back to watch and learn more about what it is you have to offer.
-Videos are also part of Google's search engine results which means increased visibility as well as becoming a powerful tool driving traffic back to your website, blog or the site of your choosing.
Engage Your Audience With Content That Provides Value The first step in creating engaging content is to identify exactly who your audience is.
Once you are clear on whom you are targeting, the idea is to create messages that resonate with this audience.
This is your chance to educate the consumer about your product or service focusing on the benefits that your product/service will bring.
Keep in mind that consumers are generally looking to solve a problem or address a need while in the research phase prior to making a purchase decision.
What you need to do is deliver the solution in order to gain their business.
Your web videos can brand you as an instant expert in your field if you can deliver a compelling message that adds value.
By educating the consumer you can improve the quality of their lives.
Not only does this include information about what you do, but simple tips or strategies that they can implement as well.
Once you gain a satisfied customer, an engaging and powerful content strategy is to capture a video testimonial that can be shared on your website, blog and/or social media site.
Testimonials are potent forms of social proof.
78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, so sharing your videos on sites such as Facebook and Twitter become the new "word of mouth.
" Users of these sites seek and make recommendations for products and services and share their experiences with friends and followers.
Also, it is important to incorporate a call to action within the web video itself.
Viewers need to be told what to do so that may mean visiting your website, picking up the phone to call you or even sharing the video with their friends on the social media sites.
In summary, your web videos can help get you found online, are the most dynamic forms of content that engage your audience and can also be shared in follow up campaigns such as e-mail keeping you fresh in the mind of the consumer.

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