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Wellness Kibble Feeding Instructions

    • 1). Consult your vet before switching to Wellness. Your vet may have specific recommendations about how much food to feed your dog and how to manage the transition to a new food. Keep a small amount of your old food on hand; transition to the new food slowly, gradually adding more of the new food into the old food over the course of a week.

    • 2). Weigh your dog. The amount of food you feed will be dependent upon how much your dog weighs.

    • 3). Follow the instructions Wellness gives about feeding dogs. The Wellness website ( provides a chart to help pet owners determine the proper amount of food to feed their dogs according to weight. This chart is also located on the back or the side of your Wellness kibble bag.

    • 4). Divide the amount of food recommended per day by the number of times you feed your dog. For example, if Wellness or your veterinarian advises giving your dog 4 cups of kibble per day and you feed your dog once per day, you should give your dog 2 cups of food at each meal. During the first week of transition, gradually feed your dog less of the old food and more of the new. By the end of the week, stop feeding the old food.

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