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Why We Need A Story?

A story is a constructive source of entertainment both for children and adults.
Every child grows up hearing stories from his/her mother and grandmother.
The stories are sometimes woven, and they are sometimes inspired with the incidents around us.
Now the question is why we narrate a story to a child? Childhood is like raw clay, which can be molded in any desired shape.
Just as the ceramist shapes pottery on a potter's wheel giving it the shape required, likewise the parents can shape their children's life nurturing them with love and true values from a very young age.
Anything taught with an illustration is easy to understand, and stories play a vital role in this.
The stories raise the spirit of compassion, love, friendship, charity, honesty and courage in a child.
It also sometimes fills them with thrill, titillation and enthusiasm.
These are the rudimentary emotions which base the human life.
Listening to stories at bedtime is an altogether different experience.
When mom, grandma and nanny ask us to sleep, and we request them to first narrate us a story.
While narrating the story, they caress our hair and sometimes take us to the fairy land and sometimes acquaint us with the mythological facts.
Sometimes they help us differentiate between right and wrong and understand the value of love and friendship, sometimes they sow the seed of charity in our heart and inspire us to tell and support the truth.
But as we grow up and see evilness around us, we also indulge in the evils of the world considering it to be a way of life.
We forget the moral values like helping people in need, speaking and supporting the truth, being honest and loyal to our friends and showing love and humanity to all the living beings.
My blog "Enjoy Short Stories" is a small effort in bringing out the hidden moral qualities in each of us.
The blog compiles the true stories taken from the lives of many famous people around the world.
The blog will once again take you back to the time of your childhood when helping someone was the greatest pleasure, when sharing stuff with your sibling was caring, when love was sacrifice, when fight was just for a while and when life was heaven.
Do enjoy reading the short stories and try also to follow the moral lessons in your life making your life worthwhile.

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