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Light Blue and Brown Baby Shower Ideas For a Boy

    Teddy Bear Invitations

    • Baby bears beckon you to this shower. Purchase tiny stuffed teddy bears through mail-order party supply companies. Order white or brown bears. Tie a narrow blue bow around the bear's paw. Tie the other end to the invitation. Use scrapbook papers in shades of light blue to decorate the invitation.

    Building Block Cake

    • Make life easy on yourself and buy frozen baked pound cakes. Cut them in 3-inch square blocks. There should be one block for each guest, plus a few extra. Frost in white. Outline each block with blue icing. If the couple has a name for their baby-boy-to-be, write the name on the blocks in chocolate icing, one letter per block. Stack the blocks on a serving tray so the name is at the top and visible. If the couple hasn't named the baby yet, use random letters from the alphabet and stack the blocks as if a child were playing with them.


    • Not much food is naturally blue other than blueberries. Serve blue corn chips with a spicy white cheese and sour cream dip. Stuff blue--yes there are blue--potatoes with a mixture of cooked ground meat and seasonings. Serve a salad of endive leaves--they're almost white--with white grapes and bleu cheese. Miniature corn muffins made with blue corn meal round out the food. Blue fizz soda or cola carries the blue and brown theme forward. Blue Curaçao lemonade or martini's are drinks for the adults.


    • Bears to the left, bears to the right--continue the blue and brown colors with more and more bears. Blue and brown helium-filled balloons are a given, and so are blue and brown crepe paper streamers. Borrow brown and white teddy bears from your children or your friends' children. Tie a big blue bow around each bear and have them hold a bunch of balloons. Another option is to buy inexpensive teddy bears at a dollar store or mail order. After the shower, donate the bears to a children's hospital.

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