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Virtual Field Trip Ideas

    • Use the Internet to take virtual field trips.computers image by Olga Chernetskaya from

      Whether you're a teacher looking to engage your students minds with images and videos of far-away lands and their people, or you're a parent interested in providing educational at home fun on the weekend, a virtual field trip suits both needs. Various topics are offered and explore different levels of information. Integrate hands-on activities into lesson plans to stimulate the children's imaginations.

    Castles in Medieval Times

    • Incorporate a virtual field trip into Medieval castles with geography or social study lesson plans. Divide the class into groups and assign each team a different country, such as Ireland, Scotland, France or England. Instruct the groups to research their country to find castles they find interesting prior to engaging in the virtual lesson.

      Various videos, images and information are available when the class ready to enter the website tour. Research and explore the Medieval times era in conjunction with the history of individual castles. Encourage students to find something personally interesting to them, such as the armor or modes of transportation during that time period, to help young minds integrate the past and the present.

    Solar System Exploration

    • Encourage students to think outside the box and explore their imaginations by visiting the earth's nearest star in our solar system---the sun. Integrate videos and images into already-established daily lesson plans. View the surface of the sun so close up that you see flames larger than 10 earths. Learn about how the sun affects the earth's atmosphere, air quality and land versus water mass. Solar flares, magnetic fields and solar eclipse animation videos are also available.

      Students can also learn scientific facts regarding the chemical make-up of the sun and its surface. Inspire students to consider what life will be like once the sun has evolved into its next stage by incorporating creative solar system activities into class time.

    Ancient Egyptian Art

    • Go on a virtual field trip with ancient Egyptian art and explore cultures, customs and traditions that originated in the Middle East. This field trip blends well with history and art lesson plans. Engage students by making crafts and paintings that are reflective of the new information they are acquiring. Allow the students to learn about the first language first captured in handwriting form---hieroglyphics-and learn about previous civilizations' daily lifestyle by studying their architecture, furniture, tools, sculptures and paintings.

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