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Video: How to Fold Fabric Napkins

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kristina Kuzmic, from And today, I want to show you how to fold fabric napkins. So, I¡¯m actually going to show you three ways. This first one is really simple. You¡¯re going to take your napkin, and you¡¯re going to place it down nice and flat. Take one side, and bring it in kind of halfway. Take the other side, do the same. And then, you¡¯re going to take the bottom, bring in about an inch or so. Do the same with the top. And then, all you¡¯re going to do is take this side, bring it up so you leave a little bit of an edge like that. And then, once again¡­and that¡¯s all it is! Simple little way to fold a napkin. Alright, let¡¯s get a little more complicated. So, this next one is nice because it¡¯s going to add some height to your table, which is always really pretty when you¡¯re doing a nice dinner party. So, you¡¯re going to take your napkin again, but this time you¡¯re going to turn it so that the corner is facing you. Bring that up ¨C fold it in half, so you¡¯re creating a triangle. And then, you¡¯re going to do that again with these going up here. So, like that, and like that. Now, we created a square. Really carefully flip it over, fold it into another triangle. And then, all you do is stand it up, and there you go! I feel like I see these in restaurants a lot. So, that¡¯s real easy, too. And now, for my favorite. This is really pretty. Take your napkin flat again like this, so that the edge is facing you. Fold it in half, perfectly creating a rectangle. Fold it again in half. And now, this corner that¡¯s sort of open, turn that towards you. And then, fold it up, leaving a little edge like so. And, fold it up again, leaving another edge, and again, and one more time. And then, you¡¯re going to take that, flip it over, and fold it in. And, you see you created like a little pocket. You just tuck this into the little pocket, and now you have two options. You can have it like this, which I think is really pretty. Or, my favorite way, you flip it over this way. And now, you can actually tuck in your silverware. Or, get a little more fancy and get a fresh flower and put one in each napkin. How cute is that? So, those are three simple ways to fold fabric napkins. I¡¯m Kristina Kuzmic. Thank you for watching. Have a great day!

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