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Girls Making Out in Public - Changing Trends

We all are familiar with the incidence of watching girls making out at public places and it is observed that this has become a routine matter and mostly people do not consider it as something odd.
However it is also a matter of fact that many among us are those who take this action as strange and daft and criticize it strictly.
Some are those who are not against this act but have opinion that such kind of activities should not be performed publicly.
Anyways, it is difficult to say that among the three different opinions stated above, which one is at right.
It is usually observed that girls consider this matter as a fun to display the act of girls kissing girls at public places and they do not think that many people are considering this thing against the etiquette and ethics.
It is a usual concept that women choose men and men choose women for the sake of sexual enjoyment and this concept is strong enough that even a modern person can not overlook it easily.
Perhaps women do not understand that most men consider it as a funny thing to see and laugh over.
Now things are changing very fast and it is seen that people are getting attract towards the trend of homosexuality and same sex marriages are getting popular whole over the world.
Few countries have even approved such marriages but remaining all countries are still against it.
Those who are in favor to women kissing argue that every human has the right to do the things of his choice if these are not harmful to anybody and those who are against it claim it as a matter far away from ethics and civilization.
There is one more aspect of girls kissing girls; sisters kissing are also observed and it is difficult to say over this issue that what will be the opinion of those who are in favor of it? Every civilization holds it basic customs and tradition which are required to be followed by the societies living under it.
But in the modern times, world has been globalized and the attitudes are appending and this situation is leading to a totally changed civilization which is trying to inject into all the societies of the world.
This interference will increase up to what extent, it is difficult to say about it, the only thing we can do is to wait and see what is next.

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