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How to Detect Lying in Someone You Love - Ways to Tell If They"re Being Dishonest

One of the most challenging struggles a person can face is if they suspect someone they love is not being honest with them.
Whether it's your spouse, a child or a close friend, if you feel they are being deceitful, there's a cloud of suspicion that hangs over the relationship.
If you're in this situation now you've probably been wondering about how to detect lying.
There are ways anyone can tell if someone they care for is being dishonest.
Confirming dishonesty is actually much easier than you may realize.
Learning how to detect lying in someone starts with recognizing certain body language patterns.
For instance, someone who is lying will often stand off center to the person they are deceiving.
When a person is being open and honest they'll stand or sit right in front of you.
A liar will often position their legs or upper body away from you.
This can be subtle and is very hard to notice if you aren't specifically looking for it.
People who lie subconsciously want to cover their lie so they'll often touch their face in an effort to do that.
Some liars will place their hand next to their mouth, while others will rub their eyes.
Whenever a person's hand moves toward their face when they are speaking, you should question whether or not what they are saying is the truth.
In addition to covering the eyes, there's another clue that can be found in this area of the face.
When a person is being untruthful they'll have a harder time looking directly at the person they are deceiving.
Their eyes may dart around or they'll wander to the left.
Not only is this a way to avoid having to look at the person they are lying to but it also gives them time to think of what to say next.
When a person is being truthful the words just flow, liars have to think before they speak.

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