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Dog Safety: It"s All About the Tag!

There are only a few ways to find your dog if he's lost.
The best way to ensure your dog's safety is with a simple Nametag that he should wear at all times on his dog collar! The only other great solution out there is to microchip your furry friend but unfortunately this way does not help you or I finding a lost puppy...
a nametag would though.
The following are a few tips to remember about your dog's nametag to help keep him safe!
  • Wear Collar - with a Tag at all times! Okay, well, if your dog spends most of his time indoors removing his collar isn't a terrible thing.
    Speaking from experience though, even letting your dog out back to relieve himself in a fenced in yard could lead to trouble - our first-born could sneak through our fence (and he wasn't a lap dog either) anytime he wanted...
    overtime we started to learn his behavior as he typically would only sneak out on those really, really gorgeous days! A collar with a buckle (definitely not a slip-collar) is the best solution so there is no worry about his collar coming off of him.
  • Check Tag - especially overtime! A dog's tag can become worn over a period of time and can become difficult to read.
    If it's a tag that dangles this could become lost as well.
    It's just a good idea to check your dog's tag periodically to make sure it's still doing its job and that the information is still accurate.
  • Information - what to include? I would recommend using your cellular number rather than your home number.
    If you choose not to use your cellular number then you might want to consider getting a "travel" tag with this number on it so if your dog gets lost while on vacation you can still be reached! Just remember to update this if you change numbers! I've also heard it's not a good idea to include your home address - you just never can be too sure about a stranger approaching your house.
    If you only provide a phone number you can still meet but in a public place.
    It's also important to also include any medical information, such as "diabetic", on your dog's tag to alert the person who finds him of any special care or medical attention that is necessary.
    The last, and most important information, is rabies - this is a separate tag that should be worn at all times.
    Not only is it the law but also denotes to a stranger who might find your dog that he has been properly vaccinated (so make sure this is always up-to-date!).
Nobody wants to think about losing their dog! So be a responsible pet owner and protect your dog by making sure he is wearing a dog collar with an identification tag at all times.
Having a microchip is a great back-up for emergencies but a simple dog identification tag is the easiest and most efficient way to reunite with your canine companion!

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