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Become Your Ex"s Perfect Match! The Surprising Method Which Will Make Your Ex Want You Again!

When you were with your ex, you had your differences, but these differences caused the break up.
These same differences have given your ex the impression that you are not a compatible match for him/her, which in turn makes it really difficult to try and get your ex back.
But, did you know that there is a way to convince your ex that you are his/her perfect match? In fact, once you have done this, you will easily be able to get your ex to want you back again..
What kind of a person does your ex want? - Psychologically every human being is programmed to look at relationships initially as they have viewed the relationship between their parents and family when they were growing up.
What this means, more specifically, is you draw your very first influences about relationships from your parents, and more specifically, from the parent who is the opposite gender to you.
In the end, if your ex is a male, then he would want someone like his mother, and if your ex is a female, she would want someone like her father, and let me explain why...
What do parents do that relates to relationships? - Parents, for the most part, are nurturing, caring, loving etc...
and these same qualities that parents have are the same qualities that form a perfect relationship, and also a PERFEECT MATCH.
If you can harness the qualities of your ex's parents, then you will in effect know exactly what your ex wants, and in turn can do the right things to psychologically convince your ex to want you back.
Becoming the perfect match from a female perspective - So if you are a female, then you are going to want to model yourself after your ex's mother in some major aspects.
Men look for women who are like their mother, and here are a few aspects they subconsciously search for: oNurturing oCaring, oLoving, oStrong, oSoft etc...
Every man grows up adapting his tastes for women around how his mother has behaved and treated him, however the above points are the most common and effective traits to adapt so that you can psychologically convince your ex that you are his perfect match, without him even knowing! Becoming the perfect match from a male perspective - If you are a male, then you are going to want to become like your ex's father.
Generally every single woman looks for a man like her father, and for a few good reasons, because fathers are: oStrong and assertive oDirective and guiding oLoving and caring oProtective, yet supportive etc...
If you can harness these traits, and other key traits that your ex loves about her father, than you will in essence become the perfect man for your ex, which in turn psychologically triggers her to want you and take you back.

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