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Ending The Roller Coaster of Life And Achieving Some Balance With Self-Hypnosis

Life is full of ups and downs isn't it? When those ups and downs gather momentum, life can seem like a roller coaster ride.
Some people love roller coasters.
I know I do.
Ever since visiting Disney World as a young boy on a family holiday and going on the Thunder Mountain Railway ride...
I associate so many funny things with Roller Coasters too, hilarious experiences with friends, and that video clip of the cub scout group who wrote to the BBC's Jim'll Fix It programme in the 1980s and asked to eat their packed lunches on a roller coaster...
Very funny stuff.
Even though so many people love roller coasters, there are others who dread them and others who fear them, and many people talk and write the similarity between and the fine line dividing fear and excitement.
Roller coasters are also used as a metaphor and a way of describing life.
For many, the human condition is like a roller coaster, isn't it? I mean, one minute we can feel high and happy and pleased, and the next we might feel annoyed, frustrated or fed up.
For many, it is just accepted that that is the way of things, and that it is a rare individual who is able to achieve real balance as far as life, emotions and the human condition is concerned.
I think we can help reign in the roller coaster effect of life and actually create some balance, especially if that is what we want and what we'd prefer.
The fact that we have little control over the roller coaster ride is sometimes mirrored in some of life's circumstances and situations too, isn't it? We feel like life is doing stuff to us, instead of us actually cracking on with it and at it.
Here, I am offering up a self-hypnosis process that is aimed at eliminating a period of roller coaster-like symptoms or issues and get you feeling balanced, at ease and in control of life.
Just follow the steps that follow...
5 Steps To Turn The Roller Coaster Into Balance Step One: Ensure you are in a comfortable position and you can enjoy some peace and quiet as much as is possible while you are taking yourself through the steps of this exercise.
Once you are settled, focus on your breathing, engage in the moment, get your posture right and then take yourself into hypnosis.
Do this by any means you know how.
Alternatively, use a chosen progressive relaxation method and do the following steps as a self-guided visualisation and mental imagery exercise.
One you have a got a good receptive, focused state of mind, or taken yourself into hypnosis, then move on to step two.
Step Two: Engage your imagination and find yourself on a roller coaster.
Notice the surrounding area and it's details, colours, sounds and notice how you feel to be on it.
Then notice it slowly climbing up the track in places, before descending at speed and twisting and turning.
Only move around the roller coaster in a manner that is useful for this exercise, don't go scaring yourself or making yourself feel dizzy or scared if you do not usually like roller coasters.
The idea is that this represents life and not actually to give you thrills or terrors.
Once you have spent some time fully engaging your imagination in the process of racing around, up and down on the roller coaster of your design in your mind, then move on to the next step.
Step Three: Now you let the roller coaster start to slow and travel upon a very flat, consistent surface and let it slow down, going slower and becoming more smooth and gentle and easy, travelling along in a straight line.
Imagine that you drift deeper inside your mind as you roll smoothly along the track and enter a tunnel.
Design the tunnel yourself, notice the colours of it, the level of lighting inside it, whether it has windows or not and let it be a place where you are feeling more and more calm and comfortable and at ease and all the time going deeper inside your mind as you proceed along the tunnel.
As you proceed notice that the lights start to shine upon you in a healing, calming and controlled manner.
Notice the colour of the light is a colour that you associate with calmness, with being balanced and the light leaves a very subtle, gentle sensation upon you.
If healing were a colour, what colour is this light? If healing were a sound, what sound is it very softly making as it shines upon you? If healing and balance were a feeling, what sensation is that? Let yourself see, hear and feel the light creating some balance as you ride slowly along the tunnel, drifting deeper inside your mind.
Notice how safe it makes you feel, how secure and at ease you are and how much more you relax with every moment spent sitting here basking in this light that balances and grounds you.
Step Four: If you wish to advance the effects of this, you can let the light now energise you, if you require it.
You can let the light relax you further and help you be more balanced and get life into some perspective.
You can let the light relieve any tension or pain by focusing on specific areas and soothing and relieving beautifully and gently.
Most importantly, you can use this opportunity to get centered and at ease and focus on some steps or a course of action to take to keep the roller coaster of life moving steadily in the right direction with you in control of it.
You might think of some steps you can take while feeling so balanced, and then choose to make a start on them when the session comes to an end.
When you have enjoyed the light for long enough and used the time you allowed yourself in the most enjoyable and productive way, then move on to the final step.
Step Five: Now focus and recall some aspects of the place you are in, remember the sights, sounds and feel of that place, allow all your senses to re-engage with your surroundings, become aware of moving your fingers and toes, take a couple of nice, deep breaths and then open your eyes.
Go about your day with a sincere sense of balance, keeping that feeling with you as you go about your day.
Choose to decisively take some action that is proof that you have more balance in your life.
Make a real effort to go and do that thing and reward yourself when it happens.
Repeat this process daily for a week,notice the increased balance you have as a result.

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