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The Secret To The Perfect Profile

If you are going to get involved with online dating, you must invest the time to setting it up correctly.

The secret to the perfect profile is being able to portray who you really are with a photo and words. That can be challenging to a lot of singles.

To make it a little easier, let's go over your photo first. Make sure you leave the group shots for the online photo album most online dating sites give you.

The main photo on your profile page should be you and you alone. Do not post a photo of you and your Ex, even if you have cut the head out or put a question mark across their face. Take the time to obtain an appropriate photo. It will show you care enough about the singles you are trying to meet to go that extra mile. I have seen people use their driver's license or a copy of their work badge. Now you tell me what that says to you? This person is too busy for me and a relationship.

The secret to a perfect profile includes putting your very best foot forward. There is an offline saying that also works online; you never get a second chance at a first impression!

Ladies you may want to go to your closest mall and get help with your makeup application if you are unsure what will look best for you.

Guys you might want to take a look at your hair and your facial hair. I suggest you go to your local barber and have all of the hair taken care of there. It will be worth it!

The secret to a perfect profile starts with your main page photo. If you do not "hook" them with the photo, they will not want to read your profile in order to find out more about you. Maybe that is shallow...but we are very visual creatures! So please take my advice and post the most attractive yet natural picture you can get taken. Add to this a few online dating skills and you will be good to go! Wishing you nothing but good luck!

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