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When looking to buy a IPL Machine you should look for these things

Without all the smoke and mirrors of turn over, profit sharing and rental schemes all the IPL Suppliers use; the bottom line of all treatments is customer satisfaction, results and profit.

Customer Satisfaction:

The InteliBrite IPL Machine uses unique technology of iCycle cooling, InteliPulse Deliverance & a 1 Second Refresh rate to deliver quick, pain free treatments with results that last. It is a common belief that this style of treatment is going to be pain full and have prolonged recovery periods. This is a red herring, even before a new and quality IPL machine begins life one of the theos of its existance is that it will be pain free.


All the devices in the InteliBrite IPL Machine Range are based upon tried and tested scientific principles. Along with these principles we deliver detailed, certified training with a medical professional; who will train you in relation to the Fitzpatric scale to correctly assess and treat your customers with maximum results. We highley believe in training correctly to perform the job at hand, this is why we use medical proffesionals to refine and perform all of our training.


The InteliBrite IPL Machine range starts from only £50 per week.

The running cost of the InteliBrite IPL Machine is only £0.02 per shot.

With your running costs now dramatically reduced, you can offer realistic pricing to your customers. In return your profit margin is healthy and your business will bloom.

When looking at new equipment for your salon, clinic or spa you should take into account these 3 principles.

Don't accept IPL training which isn't done on a one 2 one level with a medical professional, in the long run it is your customers who suffer which directly effects your business.

The results should be effective and as pain free as you can make it for your customer. If you hurt your customers then they wont return.

The InteliBriteIPL IPL Machine range offers you as standard:

IPL Full Certified Training,

12 Months IPL Warranty,

12 Months IPL Servicing,

IPL Marketing Materials,

IPL Consumables Package

And much more…

Remember when you are investing for your business invest in quality but don't expect to pay the heavens for it.

If you are looking for inpartial advice of IPL Machines then just search for InteliBrite IPL, or visit out website:

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