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Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

    Make the Guest Book a Scrapbook

    • Purchase a scrapbook and make the first page a place for all the guests to sign. Take plenty of pictures during the shower, finish out the scrapbook and give it to the mother for a memorable baby shower guest book.

    Make an Advice Book

    • Buy a small journal and pass it around during the shower. Have all the guests write down well wishes and pieces of advice for the mom-to-be.

    Make a Recipe Book

    • Buy a recipe book or recipe cards and have the guests write down their favorite kid-friendly recipes for the guest book.

    Use the Baby's Baby Book

    • See if the mother is registered for a baby book. If she is, buy it, but if not, you can ask her if she already has one. In some baby books, there is a section for the baby shower. Have the guests sign the section for the baby shower or add a page for the guests to sign and write well wishes for the baby.

    Make It a Video Guest Book

    • Bring your video camera and have all the baby shower guests give the mother advice and send their best wishes.

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