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Suicidal Way

I wished if I were dead
The sentence could easily be read
Where it can take us or lead?
It can't work out even if you plead

Once that idea enters mind
You can't think easily and find
You may develop defeatist tendency
It may add up to more frequency

You act as living dead
You loose the sense to feed
You have no desire to continue
You may be perturbed all the times over new avenues

How does develop the suicidal tendency?
Does that lead a person to ask for mercy?
He may think of ending all of sudden
He is occupied in mind with worries laden

Sometimes you think of pulling trigger
Go for shoot out by holding dragger
It is no easy task to go for such move
There may be apprehensions which needs to be removed

Person lies in bad and think of ending life
He may not think of family including wife
He has only one reason to be taken care off
Everybody may be looked upon by him as wolf

What affects your way of living?
Why do think of ending life or leaving?
Does that end up in positive or relieving?
What influences or leads in believing?

He thinks this can be easy escape
He can end to enter another world and shape
This is stupid way of thinking
You may only end up in kicking

You may be made laughing stock
The ticking may never stop in clock
It may move on with time ceaselessly
Nothing may end but move on continuously

You may leave behind enough sufferings
People may show some courtesy with little offerings
They may pass through critical phase
Nothing will be left for them from memory to erase

It will be deep scare on their mind
From nowhere peace can ascend and be kind
They may not be able to accept or rescind
They may face dark future which may make them blind

It is not final destiny or end of the road
You may be laden with heavy load
It is your duty to come out with solution
You must have fine approach with strong resolution

No one can take you to safety or on the shore
You must think twice positively and explore
It may lead you to some satisfactory way
You will have some alternative and final say

Prayers can offer best solution and solace
It is last refuge to go and seek advice
Leave everything to almighty and wait for blessings
Everything will move smoothly and nothing will go missing

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