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12 Steps of Facial Acupressure

If your face looking tired? Does it feel in need of a lift? If so, a simple, 12-point pressure massage can help to stimulate the circulation and put back the natural glow and vitality.
Facial massage helps defy age by reducing muscle tension - tension that can eventually etch lines in the face.
By increasing blood circulation, it brings oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin and helps remove toxin.
Step-by-step facial acupressure: 1.
Locate the spots at the hairline that are directly above the centre of the eyes.
Massage using inward circles, breathing deeply.
Move fingers down the face to halfway between eyebrows and hairline.
Massage using inward circles.
Use your thumbs for this one: locate the spot on each side of the bridge of the nose, just below the brow line.
Push upwards, using pressure rather than circling technique.
At the outer tip of the eyebrows, massage with outward circles.
At the outside corner of the eyes, massage outwards.
On the top of the cheekbone, underneath the middle of the eye, circle outwards.
Now move the fingers down until they are in line with your nostrils, and massage using outward circles.
In the indentation that runs from the middle of your nose to your top lip, circle in a clockwise direction, using one finger.
Locate the middle of your chin and massage in clockwise circles.
Using both fingers again, place your fingers on the jawline at each side of the chin.
Massage in outward circles.
Move your fingers outwards along the jaw to a point halfway between jaw and the jaw hinge.
Massage in outward circles.
Find the muscle just in front of the jaw hinge.
With the mouth resting open, massage the area by making circles towards the back of the head.
If you have the time, massage each pressure point for up to one minute.
Otherwise, using the pressure-point technique for just five or 10 seconds on each area will help.

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