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Top 4 Extreme Vacations

Sometimes just standing on the beach or going for a nice quiet walk in the mountains is not enough; if your job has you sitting behind a desk 8 or more hours a day on vacation you might want to be doing something else than standing around, no matter how beautiful the surroundings are.
Some people are naturally adventurous, but in case you aren't maybe an extreme vacation will be the experience of a life time! Let's see how you can spice up your life the next time you go on vacation: 1.
Shark diving - I don't know about you, but shark diving is as extreme as you could get! Yes, you are in a cage (sometimes, if you prefer) and yes, you get detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do.
But let's face it, it wouldn't be extreme if those sharks could be controlled and that danger is what is exciting.
And how much are you going to pay to risk life and limb? Well, dig around for a few details and you will probably see packages for around $2500 per person.
Cross country bicycle touring - although it may not be as risky as shark diving, cross country touring is not exactly a piece of cake! There are 2 ways to do this: on your own or with a touring company; I recommend the last option.
The touring company will take care of all the details: bikes, overnight accommodation (I suggest avoiding camping), mechanics in the bike team, support staff that takes care of snacks and possible injured team mates and luggage transportation from hotel to hotel.
All you have to do is ride that bike which may sound easy, but when you find out that you'll be riding 70 or 80 miles per day (or even more) you realize why cross country qualifies as an extreme vacation.
Cross country tours are mostly based in Europe and the United States and the cost starts at around $1500 per person but can go up a lot more depending on the length of the trip and the type of bike you choose.
US Special Forces training - if you have always dreamed of being part of a Special Forces team but don't exactly want to be on the first line of combat this is the vacation for you! Special Forces veterans and local guides will take you through a series of tests and challenges alternating with classes on wilderness survival.
Of course, at request, there are other options that are available to you such as horse riding, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, wind surfing and rappelling techniques.
The price to be transformed into a "weekend warrior" starts at around $350 per day and depends on the location and trip options you select.
Cosmonaut for a day - what kid didn't wish to be an astronaut? Now you have the chance to experience most of an astronauts life at Star City military facility near Moscow, Russia.
This is one of the most exclusive things you can ever do, considering that when the Russian Space Program most Russians didn't even know that this facility existed.
Unfortunately you won't get to ride a spaceship to the International Space Station (ISS), but you will get to explore MIR and ISS simulators, learn to navigate by the stars in the navigational simulator and view the Hydrolab from a special observation deck.
There is also a choice between training in the manual docking simulator, training in Sokol-KV (for inflight operations) or Orlan-DMA (for space walks) Space Suits.
These are 4 of the most special and exclusive vacations you could take in your life, and the memories will stay with you forever.
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