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Hal Higdon's Marathon Training: The Ultimate Training Guide is a constructive and descriptive among other marathon training guides.
A marathon runner that he is (he there's more to him beyond that), his book has been very influential to every marathon runner across the United States.
This is because the program has three divisions for the specification of a trainee.
Classifications are for the novice, intermediate and advanced runners.
The training program concentrates in enhancing your endurance for long distance runs at the beginning of the training proper.
It's also very specific in health matters since you need to have a physical examination before immersing to an 18 week marathon training program.
Marathon and training for a marathon isn't an easy sport to conquer but with Hal Higdon marathon training guidance, you'll surely get your way to the finish line.
Hal Higdon has run 111 marathons in his entire lifetime.
Seven of which he ran in seven months to celebrate his birthday in 2001 and who else can better impart tips and guide than the man himself who have done and experienced all the physical hardships marathon running has to offer than the author.
Main goal here is, to let you understand the best training guide for your body type.
Marathon training guide is an 18 wk schedule for beginners.
It includes programs for four days a week including step back weeks that will allow runners to avoid over training.
There is no guaranty everything will be easy by following this training guide but as long as you follow he directions carefully you will have a great marathon experience to look back to.
You also have to realize that undergoing full 18 week training will definitely mean compromise with your work, family time and other things you normally do everyday.
You will need to plan a way not to miss out on those important things in as much as not jeopardizing your training as well.
It's suggested that you present this training plan to your family and friends for full support.
Anything else should be dropped at the moment if you're serious about running a marathon since it's always best to focus on one thing at a time.
Earlier, it's mentioned here that Hal Higdon marathon training program has three classifications.
Program involves training for novice.
Beginners, basically, need to focus on building mileage run.
This is driven by the fact that marathon is a long distance run and you will need all the endurance, stamina and strength you can gather to finish the race.
The exercise covers a comfortable run of 3-6 miles and training for about 3-5 days a week.
However, other people who have started training for marathon or even those that have run a marathon event, stick to this program.
That's also possible; you should always think and decide what could be best for your body.
Training also offer intermediate and advanced programs for those who want to take marathon racing to another level.
Intermediate category have two divisions, the Intermediate I is a step higher difficult than that of the Novice program.
Long run starts at 8 miles instead of 6.
This level alters your training tasks and resting periods.
Intermediate II becomes even more difficult than the previous level.
Long runs starts already at 10 miles instead of 8 and by the 8th week (training is reversely counted) your run is already 20 miles.

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