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How to Make Salvation Bracelets With Swarovski Beads

    • 1). Cut a length of wire an inch longer than you want your bracelet to be.

    • 2). Attach one end of the clasp to one end of the wire by twisting the wire around it. Use the pliers to pinch it tight. Cut off any extra wire.

    • 3). Begin to thread your beads. Start with a few silver balls. Follow with the black bead. Add a few more silver balls, then add the red bead. Add silver balls in between each colored bead. The order of the colors is black for our sin, red for Jesus's blood on the cross, white for being washed whiter than snow, blue for baptism, green for growth in Christ and yellow for the promise of Heaven. After the last beads, finish with more silver ball beads.

    • 4). Put the other end of the clasp on the open end of the wire, wrapping it around and crimping it tightly. Snip off the ends with the wire cutters.

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