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If you'd like to become really good at writing bullet points...
and do it without having to copy out other bullet points by hand or spending hours on end studying your swipe file...
then this article will show you how.
Listen to this: Next time you get one of your favorite magazines in the mail...
or even if you are reading one in your doctor's waiting room...
start taking note of the different "headlines" on the cover before you start reading it.
And as you're reading, whenever you come across a nugget of info like that sort of "wows" you -- and that makes you sit up straight and say, "gee, I didn't know that before!" -- condense it into a bullet point and compare it with the ones you saw on the cover.
Then simply ask yourself (or, even better, someone else) if yours is better?More interesting?More dramatic? If not, keep playing around with that nugget of info until your bullet is more interesting, shocking and dramatic than the ones dotted on the cover.
At first, and especially if you're new to this, yours will probably be a bit rough and maybe not so good.
And that's okay.
Just keep reading and playing around with the words.
Take the interesting info you find and put a twist on it.
Make it a "can't be done" (i.
something that sounds almost impossible) statement.
See if you can't play around with the words and make it so it would be almost impossible for someone not to notice.
Again, if you haven't written a lot of bullets and headlines, this will be a bit of a struggle at first.
But don't worry.
It gets easier.
And not only does it get easier...
but you will find yourself getting really good at this over time.
Eventually, it will even be fun for you.
If you don't believe me, try it yourself.
Grab a magazine -- like Cosmo, Men's Health, Popular Mechanics, etc -- and start reading and digging out bullets.
Doing so will not only be entertaining for you, but it will also give you an incredible edge over your competition.

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